Lake Traboch

... Lake Traboch is a paradise for sport anglers, and for those who want to be ...

Lake Traboch

The recreation center Lake Traboch offers numerous opportunities for relaxation if that’s what you are looking for. 
The 7-hectare lake is just the place for sport anglers to spend an hour...or two, or three...!  The fish stock is excellent (carp, perch-pike, tench, pike, etc.), and the lake is popular well beyond the district borders.  you can even join in the moonlight fishing event once a month. 
If fishing’s not for you, why not take a pedal boat ride, play a round of mini-golf, or test your tennis skills?  There is a big playground just for children.  Or you could skate around the lake on the paved inline trail, hop on your bike, or just stroll into the woods.

Willkommen in Traboch Spielplatz am Trabocher See


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